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- Free 5-page Static Website, Migration, or CMS Installation with prepayment of 2-year hosting agreement. This is an incredible deal and nobody else in the industry offers anything like it--

  • 2500MB total storage,

  • 1500MB bandwidth per month

  • 5 FTP accounts

  • 60 email accounts

  • 7 email lists (listservs)

  • 5 SQL databases

  • 20 subdomains

  • 20 parked domains

  • 5 addon domains

  • cgi access, and

  • no SSL

  • over 200+ one-click-installable modules to leverage in site building.

- 5GB total storage, 2Gb monthly bandwidth, 2 FTP accounts, 10 email accounts, 2 email discussion groups, 2 MySQL databases, 2 subdomains, 2 parked domains, and 2 addon domains. No SSL, Includes CGI access.
- 15GB total storage, 50GB monthly bandwidth, 4 FTP accounts, 15 email accounts, 5 email discussion groups, 10 MySQL databases, 5 subdomains, 40 parked domains, and 40 addon domains. No SSL, Includes CGI access.
- 30GB total storage, 4Gb monthly bandwidth, 10 FTP accounts, 50 email accounts, 5 email discussion groups, 15 SQL databases; 20 subdomains, 50 parked domains, 5 addon domains, no SSL, and includes cgi.
- Great for setting up an Online Retail Presence

  • 50GB total storage,

  • 8Gb monthly bandwidth,

  • 20 FTP accounts,

  • 75 email accounts,

  • 10 email discussion groups,

  • 10 SQL databases,

  • 75 subdomains,

  • 75 parked domains,

  • 10 addon domains, and includes

  • cgi

  • DEDICATED IP ADDRESS (needed if you want SSL)

    • Also includes access to several shopping carts and >200 one-click installable modules.
    - Business email compatible with Microsoft Outlook, iphone, etc.

    Includes Exchange features like calendaring, email, briefcase, etc. This supports up to 15 accounts and includes our support team configuring the administrative interface, etc., and helping you adjust DNS (if we are not hosting it) to properly route email.

    Contact us if you need more accounts.
    - Storing up to 10GB of data in an Oracle database and providing customer access, includes setup fee and data migration (if indicated).
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