Dear Clients, We were notified today that in the near future the "CPANEL" hosting environment we use to host your websites and services will be eliminating the HORDE mailsystem and migrating everything to ROUNDCUBE. We are currently on version 106 of the CPANEL system and this change will happen in version 108. We received this notification ... Read More »

21st Oct 2022
Global Intermittent Access Issues

Network Operations was notified of outages at our properties in London, Phoenix, Atlanta and Los Angeles.?? We have also confirmed outages within clients using services outside of ours and outages with partner firms. This is a Global Internet Issue, possibly related to cyber terror as a result of what is going on in the Ukraine. We have ... Read More »

2nd Mar 2022
DDoS caused outage today for about 3.3 Hours

A distributed denial of service attack against our ISP affected some of our customer's access to their websites and services for approximately 3.3 hours today.

We worked with our ISP to support their management of this issue and all systems are working at this time.

3rd May 2021

Dear Client,We are writing you today to notify you of a change in our email service. A large amount of spam has been relayed through our service by people that are forwarding their emial off of our server.In order to protect our system/environment and prevent getting blacklisted by spamhaus or other blacklisting services we have been told by our ... Read More »

11th Jul 2019

Dear Client,A serious vulnerability was discovered in a mailserver software program called EXIM in February of 2019.?? This would allow an external attacker to compromise a system and potentially run programs with a high level of access.The United States Government runs a notification program regarding this and other known/discovered computer ... Read More »

10th Jun 2019

Today, February 1, 2019 is called "DNS FLAG DAY".?? This is the day where all non-EDNS compliant servers will begin to be ignored by the Internet as a whole.?? A consortium of major network providers and public companies have agreed to stop enabling older DNS implementations as of today.All TekOps/Subspace hosted domains (thousands) are fully ... Read More »

1st Feb 2019
2018 Winter Break

Dear Client,Our offices will be closed from December 24, 2018 through January 1, 2019 allowing our employees to spend time with their families.?? SLAs in extended Service Contracts will be covered as agreed, continue using the access methods in your agreement with us.?? Email support will generally be able to reply within one business day during ... Read More »

23rd Dec 2018
Required Vendor Maintenance Causing Outage on October 18

Unfortunately a vendor maintenance will take place on **Thursday, October 18 at 04:00 PM - 08:30 PM EDT | 20:00 - 00:30 UTC**. Please note that this maintenance date is final and cannot be changed. Our team has taken great care to minimize any unnecessary downtime. This being said, however, there will still be a downtime of approximately 3 hours ... Read More »

19th Sept 2018
Due to the high volumes of spam...

All,Due to the high volumes of spam coming into our support department we regret to inform you that we are no longer accepting email to our support addresses from all sources.In order to submit a ticket to our support department through email you must have your email address in your account.?? You can update your profile and add other contacts ... Read More »

21st Mar 2018

Dear Customers, Please be informed our carrier is performing a maintenance that will affect some of our customers and our tekops/subspace website.The maintenance is to be performed on March, 24 at 6:00 AM EST. During this update some or all of your services may be unavailable.If you have questions you can reach us at [email protected] ... Read More »

23rd Mar 2013