Dear Client,

We are writing you today to notify you of a change in our email service. A large amount of spam has been relayed through our service by people that are forwarding their emial off of our server.

In order to protect our system/environment and prevent getting blacklisted by spamhaus or other blacklisting services we have been told by our outbound-whitelisting-relay that they will no longer allow email that does not originate from our domains or our customer's domains to be sent off of the server. This means that if you have your email account set up to forward to another ISP such as yahoo, gmail, or msn it will most likely no longer forward.?? You need to configure an email client to read your mailbox on our system and disable any forwards that you may have to non-SubSpaceNetworks hosted domains.?? We support both POP3 and IMAP4 protocols.?? You can also use tools like fetchmail to retrieve and forward email from your mailbox.

Our platform is compatible with all popular desktop browsers, mobile devices and well known email clients. Configuration information for each and every well-known solution is available within your CPANEL.

If you add a domain name to your system you must notify us so we can notify our outbound mail partner.

Again, this was a decicison made by the security team of our vendor as they are seeing too much spam being relayed through our system via customer email forwarding.

Thank you,
TekOps, Inc./SubSpaceNetworks, Inc. Customer Service

Thursday, July 11, 2019

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