Scheduled Network Upgrade Saturday Night

Our carrier has scheduled a software upgrade to routing equipment in one of their facilities that may affect our visibility and the visibility of your websites. Their notification: ...this Saturday to Sunday night starting at 02:00 am EST. During the maintenance we are planning to upgrade operating system on our network equipment to improve ... Read More »

23rd Aug 2012
Offices and Support Closed July 19, 2012 through July 22, 2012 for training

Dear Client,

Our business and support offices will be closed July 19, 2012 through July 22, 2012 for training.?? They will re-open Monday July 23, 2012.

Please submit any requests for support to [email protected]

Thank you,

SubSpaceNetworks, Inc.

18th Jul 2012
Partial Network Renumbering Completed

Partial re-numbering of our network was completed with little or no downtime to any of our customers.


Thank you,

SubSpaceNetworks, Inc.

19th Mar 2012

Our migration, planned on 2/24 has been moved due to technical conflicts. We are re-scheduling for 3/2 (March 2) and will update our TWITTER page with announcements through the migration.?? Be sure to subscribe to our twitter feed.?? Contact our [email protected] if you have any questions.



21st Feb 2012

All, we are planning on migrating to a new server platform on February 24.?? The outages and issues with the current configuration have been unacceptable.?? Thank you for your patience and support and valued feedback.?? Please keep checking our customer service portal and our TWITTER page for status.

19th Feb 2012

We performed an emergency upgrade to PHP this morning in our shared hosting environment due to security issues with the current version that recently became known.


Customer Service.

15th Feb 2012
Remember, we do YAHOO! Too!

If you have a Yahoo! based small-business website and could not move it away from Yahoo! because it is connected to Yahoo! we can help. We can host most Yahoo! template-generated (site solution) websites completely on our servers. We have taken the time to support Yahoo!'s "Site Solution" functionality. Yahoo! is a registered trademakr of Yahoo!, ... Read More »

13th Sept 2011
Added Support for Several New Modules

In addition to the 200+ website modules we support, we recently added:

  • phpCOINn
  • Zazavi
  • Quick Cart
  • Silverstripe,
  • and Many More!

Good Luck and Good Hosting!

10th Aug 2011
We Have Upgraded Our Ticketing System

Now you do not have to go to the portal to get help (even though answers might be there). If you have an account with us, simply email [email protected] and we will create a ticket, put it in the right hands and send you a response letting you know we got it. If it's an email address related to your account we'll associate your ticket ... Read More »

6th Aug 2011
New Billing System Implemented

We are excited to announce a new billing system has been implemented. It gives us a level of invoice, case, and user management along with product integration that we have not had before. We hope you will have a better experience because of it.

6th Jun 2005